A bag of carpenters tools on the luggage rack of a motorbike – That’s how it all started! Back in 1935 a relatively young Thomas Richard Jones, disillusioned by working for others, decided to go his own way and become the master of his own destiny. He took his bag of tools and went out to look for work – Not one night went by without him coming home having found some work or other.

His tenacity paid off and, as time passed by, he employed others and took on larger repair and extension contracts and moved on to new build projects.

Some examples of the early projects are still to be seen locally as several houses, the Maternity Unit at Amman Valley Hospital and conversion of Gelli Aur Mansion into an agricultural college.

Ably assisted with the administration by his wife Eurllys the company went from strength to strength and with the advent of two sons, Huw and David, succession ceased to be a problem. David joined his father in the early 1960s with Huw, a civil engineer, returning in 1964 having gained experience with a national contractor. The company became limited in 1971 with the brothers working alongside Mr. Jones Senior until his retirement in 1973.

By now TRJ had an extensive client base and were employing around 50 staff and operatives.

In the 1980s the third generation joined the company with Huw’s sons, Dafydd and Owain, taking an active roll in 1981 and 1989 respectively followed by David’s son, John, in the late 1990s.

Today, Huw Chairs the Board and David is still active with Dafydd, Owain and John leading the company into the 21st Century.

The company’s motto “Building on a firm foundation” is testament to the efforts put in by senior generations and is a tribute to their legacy.